Some Interesting Sugar Statistics…

Did you know….

• The average American drinks more than 60 gallons of soft drinks each year.
• One soda per day increases your risk of diabetes by 85 percent.
• The average American consumes anywhere between 150 to 170 pounds of simple sugars, also known as refined sugars, per year.
• Soda drinkers have higher cancer risk. The federal limit for benzene in drinking water is 5 parts per billion (ppb), researchers have found benzene levels as high as 79 ppb in some soft drinks, and of the 100 brands tested, most had at least some detectable level of benzene present.
• Soda has been shown to cause DNA damage.
• Sodium benzoate, a common preservative found in many soft drinks, has the ability to switch off vital parts of your DNA. This could eventually lead to diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver and Parkinson’s.
• Phosphoric Acid: Which can interfere with the body’s ability to use calcium, may lead to osteoporosis or softening of the teeth and bones.
• Aspartame: This chemical is used as a sugar substitute in diet soda. There are over 92 different health side effects associated with aspartame consumption including brain tumors, birth defects, diabetes, emotional disorders and epilepsy/seizures

Bottom line: There is absolutely NO REASON kids should ever drink soda…. Knowing this, I don’t know why ANYONE would want to consume soda!!!

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