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How to Fall Asleep Even When It’s Hard

Ever have trouble falling asleep? We all do from time to time. Watch the video to learn some tips and tricks on how to fall asleep. Which type of sleep problem do you have? 1. Can’t fall asleep 2. Can’t stay asleep 3. Not enough time for sleep   Chattering head Do you ever have […]

The Importance of Good Sleep For Optimal Health

The importance of good sleep for optimal health is far more than most people know. It’s about more than just feeling “rested”. Many functions critical to health happen while you sleep. But not all sleep is the same. Sleep, under the influence of sleep aids, alcohol, marijuana, and even caffeine, is not the same as […]

Ideas for Cooking Ahead for the Week

Do you get too busy during the week to eat healthy? Try cooking ahead for the week so that you always have healthy food ready to eat when you are hungry. One of the biggest excuses people who say they want to eat healthy offer for not doing so, is that they don’t have time. […]

What Are Your Thought Habits

What are your thought habits? We all have negative thoughts from time to time. Sometimes we have the same negative thoughts–a lot–daily, weekly, or even hourly! The trick is to catch ourselves and notice what we are thinking. That way we won’t let the negativity run the show in our mind. The other day, I […]