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10 Nutrition Tips For Busy Families

“What am I going to make for dinner?” Is a daily question. If you are like me, the answer has to fit in with a pretty hectic schedule. Between homework, sports, and picky eaters, coming up with healthy meals can be tough. Fast food and prepackaged dinners just don’t have the nutrition that growing children–or […]

Rotation Diet For ALCAT Test Results – Q&A

Recently a client emailed me some questions about the rotation diet after getting her ALCAT results. I thought they were such great questions I just had to share. Q. First, I have read different things about what rotation means. Some says you can eat one thing one that day and then not again for four […]

Conversations With Linda – A Testimonial…

I met Linda Partida a few years back and we started what would become an on-going conversation about life, food, healing and well-being in general. I wanted to address several issues including extreme fatigue, loss of loved ones in my life, weight issues and just overall not feeling well or myself. One important thing I […]

Spring: A Time For Allergies…and Asthma?

It is hard to believe winter is almost over; it feels like it never even really arrived. The trees are blooming though, which is a sure sign, and for those with tree allergies, spring is brutal. It can bring on itchy, sneezey, watery eyes, congestion and even sinus infections. For those with asthma, it can […]

Fitness And Weight Loss Tops List Of Broken New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Years! Did you make any resolutions this year? I find it interesting that fitness and weight loss rank second and third right behind spending more time with family. It tops the list however on broken resolutions (with eating healthier as the #5 most broken resolution) So, what happens in the month of January […]