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Top 10 Superfoods – The Key To A Vibrant Healthy Life

The term “superfood” is pretty overused these days. It’s supposed to indicate a food with a particularly high nutrient content or medicinal quality, however, it’s a term with no legal definition and can be used in a variety of ways, including as a misleading marketing tool. I’ve seen superfood lists that included items as mundane […]

10 Nutrition Tips For Busy Families

“What am I going to make for dinner?” Is a daily question. If you are like me, the answer has to fit in with a pretty hectic schedule. Between homework, sports, and picky eaters, coming up with healthy meals can be tough. Fast food and prepackaged dinners just don’t have the nutrition that growing children–or […]

Rotation Diet For ALCAT Test Results – Q&A

Recently a client emailed me some questions about the rotation diet after getting her ALCAT results. I thought they were such great questions I just had to share. Q. First, I have read different things about what rotation means. Some says you can eat one thing one that day and then not again for four […]

Conversations With Linda – A Testimonial…

I met Linda Partida a few years back and we started what would become an on-going conversation about life, food, healing and well-being in general. I wanted to address several issues including extreme fatigue, loss of loved ones in my life, weight issues and just overall not feeling well or myself. One important thing I […]

Spring: A Time For Allergies…and Asthma?

It is hard to believe winter is almost over; it feels like it never even really arrived. The trees are blooming though, which is a sure sign, and for those with tree allergies, spring is brutal. It can bring on itchy, sneezey, watery eyes, congestion and even sinus infections. For those with asthma, it can […]