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Better Than Candy – The Halloween Candy Antidote

Halloween candy is the slippery slope that leads many into an out of control, sugar driven, holiday season. It can be nearly impossible to resist; it’s cheap, legal, tastes good, lights your brain up, and makes you feel energized all at the same time. It is literally more addictive than cocaine. But, it has a […]

7 Hot Tips To Get You Through The Holidays Without Gaining A Pound

It starts with Halloween. A Hershey’s Kiss here, a Milky Way there, and before you know it you’re falling headlong into a sugar-crazed orgy that lasts through Thanksgiving and Christmas. White-knuckle restraint is no fun, but neither are tight clothes and feelings of remorse. The question is: How can you get through the holidays without […]

Pareto’s Law For Better Health And Easy Weight Loss

You may be familiar with Pareto’s law which states that 20% of the effort yields 80% of the results. This is applies to health and weight loss too. Let’s face it, everyone wants to be healthier, and for many that includes losing weight. But not everyone makes it a priority and takes action. Maybe because […]

Japanese Vegetable Seafood Hot Pot – Nabemono

This dish is more of a method than a recipe. Basically it involves preparing an assortment of meats, seafood, vegetables, noodles, tofu, etc, and cooking them in broth. The actual cooking time is very short and aside from selecting and cutting the ingredients, it almost makes itself. The first step is to make the broth. […]

Tasso And White Bean Gratin

This bean recipe sounds too good not to share. (Thank you Rancho Gordo for putting it where I could find it.) I’ve had beans on the brain today as I searched for fast and easy healthy recipes. Earlier I found a wonderful one for marinated white beans perfect for antipasto. (More on that later.) This […]