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Being a health coach as been the most inspiring and rewarding career I ever could have imagined. It has also been a journey of personal and professional growth. Reflecting that, my products and services have changed and grown over the years.

When I first started out I primarily used coaching programs; they are the ideal format for people wanting to make real and lasting change. They focus on making small doable changes and strategizing with the desired results in mind, while taking into consideration a person’s unique physical and genetic requirements and lifestyle preferences.

The first major addition to the coaching programs was Metabolic Type Testing. I had been working with a client who was 100 or so lbs overweight and had made many wonderful changes in her diet and lifestyle. She had given up soda and refined foods, found exercise that she enjoyed, made many of the internal shifts that were keeping her feeling stuck and depressed. But, despite having gotten down to a 1200 calorie per day diet, she was still not dropping weight the way we expected her to. I did some research and what I came up with was the “metabolic type factor”. Metabolic type is the science of understanding how different bodies process fuel differently, and what is a formula for weight loss for some, is a formula for weight gain for others. I went and got some additional training in Metabolic Type Testing, and then came back and tested my client. Sure enough, she had been eating a healthy, but not right for her, diet! After making the recommended changes to her diet she proceeded to drop weight “without even trying”. In the first 4 months of working together she had lost 5lbs, in the following 2 months she lost 20 and kept it going from there.

The next major addition was Food Intolerance Testing. Three years ago I found myself dragging. It was not so noticeable day to day, but I was sleeping A LOT and tired a lot the time, had lots of cravings and was eating more than was good for me. I had joint pain when I worked out and one of my fingers had a painful spur on one of the knuckles. I generally felt lethargic, unmotivated, had pain, and couldn’t put my finger on what was doing wrong. All of the things I knew to do were not working.

I had had a similar experience 25 years earlier after having had a bout of mono. Even though I was supposedly all better I was still dragging around. After years of doctors telling me that there was nothing wrong with me, or that I had “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, I found one alternative (holistic) practitioner who ran a food intolerance test on me. The result was that I should not eat corn, tomatoes, potatoes, shrimp, bananas or baker’s yeast. I took them out of my diet and within a week I was feeling better than I had in years!

So recently, after having dragged around for 2 years without really realizing I was dragging, I came across an accurate and reliable test for discerning food intolerance and decided to do it and see what there was to see. It was a simple blood draw and took less than a week to get the results back. That was more than a year ago. I took the offending foods out of my diet immediately (onions, apples, eggs, and several more items) and within ONE DAY I already felt much better. Within a few weeks, and after taking one more key item (fructose) out of my diet, I felt great and had lost 8 lbs –without even trying!! I now offer that same test to others so that they can know all of their hidden food intolerances quickly and easily.

Since then I have come to appreciate more than ever that there is more to optimal health than eating “healthy”. Getting the formula right for each individual person requires a combination of testing, education, behavior & habits (including physical activity), improving cooking/shopping/food selection skills, supplementation, stress management and emotional health.

Another factor that has shaped my business is the changing economy. I have developed, and continue to develop, a wider range of services, products, and programs to fit the budgets of those seeking to improve their health.

Metabolic Typing is the science of discovering the fundamental way in which your body produces energy from your food. This has a lot to do with blood pH. The ideal venous blood pH for humans is 7.46. Even small deviations can cause imbalances and illness. Foods that can be alkalizing to one person can be acidifying to another depending on metabolic type.

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