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Did you know that the symptoms of chronic sinus issues go far beyond congestion and pressure? In the U.S., sinus problems are the #1 reason people see a doctor. Symptoms you might not necessarily trace back to your sinus’s include; bad breath, sore throat, and excessive fatigue and more.

I talk to more people who tell me they have not only allergies, but chronic sinus problems as well. I used to be one of those people. There was a period in my life, that for two months out of the year I could not go more than 10 feet from a box of tissues without having to use my sleeve.

That was when I discovered how effective acupuncture is for allergy relief (read more). I had one treatment and never had another sniffle or itch again. Even though I’m much better since then, I do get occasional symptoms.

I keep dairy and other mucus forming foods to a minimum, use my neti pot regularly, and have had subsequent acupuncture treatments…I still I feel like I have not figured out how to manage the issue 100%. So, a couple of weeks ago I caught a little bug and within 12 hours I had sinus pressure to the point I could not sleep. To me this was clear evidence that I had already had a sinus issue brewing.

I know the anatomy of a human head and the laws of physics well enough to know that there is no way the saline solution from my neti pot is getting everywhere it has to wash away pollen, viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi that floats in the air.

I went on a hunt for a deeper solution, literally! After a bit of research I came across a sinus rinse technique different and better than anything I had read before. It is called the “Friggy Flip Turn. Click here to read the article ”. It describes a safe and effective method to irrigate all 8 of the sinuses instead of only the 2 or 4 that the neti pot effectively reaches.

In addition to the detailed explanation of how to do it, there are over 200 comments from people who have used the technique, often after a lifetime of chronic problems, and had miraculous results.

Symptoms of Chronic sinusitis include:
• Drainage of a thick, yellow or greenish discharge from the nose or down the back of the throat
• Nasal obstruction or congestion, causing difficulty breathing through your nose
• Pain, tenderness and swelling around your eyes, cheeks, nose or forehead
• Aching in your upper jaw and teeth
• Reduced sense of smell and taste
• Cough, which may be worse at night

Other signs and symptoms can include:
• Ear pain
• Sore throat
• Bad breath (halitosis)
• Fatigue or irritability
• Nausea

Taking control of sinus health is easier that might sound. I did the “flip” for a couple of weeks after my little episode and it worked like a charm. By the end of the 2nd day I was completely out of pain. Since then the persistent post-nasal drip I had is gone too. Whether you have occasional or chronic problems, this could very well be the solution you have been looking for.

Since the Friggy Flip-Turn guide is lacking in pictures I had to do some trial and error to get it just right. If you have questions or want some extra guidance I would be happy to help. It would be my pleasure to further the crusade against sinus pain and post nail drip (not to mention the halitosis. LOL!).

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    • lindaliving
      lindaliving says:

      Hi George,

      There is a clickable link about 1/2 way down the page that says “FRIGGY FLIP TURN”. It will take you right to it!

      Let me know how it works for you:-)

  1. Emmitt Oren
    Emmitt Oren says:

    Since dairy is a likely culprit, try phasing dairy out of your diet for one month. If you experience no change in your symptoms, you’ve ruled out dairy as a possible allergen. If you experience an improvement in symptoms, you know that your body reacts to dairy by producing more mucus, although studies indicate a no clear link between dairy and mucus production…:’*

    With best thoughts <

  2. Etta Quink
    Etta Quink says:

    Until the late 1970s, there were few tools to help pinpoint sinusitis, and treatment was difficult. Medications were limited, and surgery involved major incisions and a lengthy recovery time. In recent years, diagnosis and treatment have vastly improved. The course of sinusitis is better understood, and advances such as CT scans, minimally invasive procedures, and more powerful antibiotics are making even the balkiest cases more manageable.-:..;

    Look at our webpage as well

  3. Peter
    Peter says:

    Hi Linda,

    I also found the Flip-turn method and it took a reread to work out what I thought they meant. I wasnt sure. I cant say I had fantastic results – maybe I was misunderstanding it or because I didnt do it properly. Alternatively I didnt have gunk in the front sinus. Not quite sure. In my attempts, it seemed apparent that ultimately a simpler way to bend back and forward and all the extra moves would be to simply bend right forward and irrigate – that way normal gravity would take it course and irrigate the frontal sinus (ie: it is lower than the nasal passage where I was irrigating, hence gravity would take the water “down” to the frontal sinus). Anway, I would certainly appreciate seeing how you interpretted the flip method with some illustrations/video.


    • Abi
      Abi says:

      Hi Peter, the maxillary sinuses are below your nasal passage. The frontal sinus is located medially above the bridge of your nose then laterally. By inverting your head, you allow the solution to infiltrate up into the frontal sinus.


  4. lindaliving
    lindaliving says:

    Hi Peter,

    I had thought about doing a “flip turn” video, but not in a while. I haven’t done it in a while either. My sinuses are so much better than they used to be. Thank you for making the request, I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

  5. Dadoffame
    Dadoffame says:

    Hi, I have been suffering with problems on my frontal sinuses. I have had two surgeries and a balloon sinuplasty done. Its only two months since my latest surgery, yet I woke up with severe pain this morning already 🙁
    I went through the instruction in Friggy’s journal, but still have some questions. It will be great if there is a video. Request you to make a video, please please!!


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