What Are Your Thought Habits

What are your thought habits?

We all have negative thoughts from time to time. Sometimes we have the same negative thoughts–a lot–daily, weekly, or even hourly!

The trick is to catch ourselves and notice what we are thinking. That way we won’t let the negativity run the show in our mind.

The other day, I had a client who is going through chemo. She was understandably struggling with some negative thought habits–ideas, fears, worst case scenario type stuff. It’s completely understandable, but not helpful! It was really bringing her down.

We worked on those negative thoughts and created some equally true and positive thoughts, just as believable, and within 10 or 15 minutes, we got her turned around, so she completely believed she could totally knock the cancer out of the park.

So start noticing your habitual thoughts. They are the keys to your life!

Reprogram your mind to turn dis-empowering thoughts into empowering thoughts.

Once the negative habits are replaced with positive ones you will experience more joy, more ease, more success, and more happiness. Your life is the product of your habitual thoughts–so have good empowering thoughts!

Want some support managing your thought habits?

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