Focus and Succeed

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Do you feel busy and overwhelmed? You are not alone!

There is more to do, more places to go, and more distractions than ever before. We expect more from ourselves too. We want to excel professionally, and personally; in health, home, and relationships. We want to be our authentic, creative, can-do-it-all best-self, and make it look easy. The more there is to do the more difficult it becomes, like a big juggling act, with too many balls in the air to give any one adequate attention. Often the basics of life are neglected in favor of the details. It can be difficult to regroup without dropping them all, but here’s what I do:

I think about this instead:

“You have stated your goals and you are actively pursuing them. You have support and resources focused on getting you there. YOU are your own best resource. The time and energy you put towards the achievement of your desires will pay dividends in the short term, and for the rest of your life. Your children and your children’s children will benefit from each and every thing you do RIGHT NOW. Your health and well-being directly influences the people around you. The foundations you are building, in education, business, finance, health, and family will last generations. You ARE building your legacy, every day, in every way, whether you know it or not.”

I look at the quality of my eating habits, self-care habits, work habits, exercise habits, and relationships. I make conscious choices about how I spend my time.

I allow each and every thing I do to represent the enormity of the effect it will have on my overall life, now, and for generations to come.

Drinking adequate amounts of clean water, taking walks, telling someone I love them, eating nutritious foods, breathing, and keeping a tidy work space – not small things just simple things.

When I stop to think about this, it is so obvious. I do occasionally have to remind myself to slow down and take my own advice; usually, because I have gotten too busy and not getting enough enjoyment out of basic life-sustaining things. When I do, life goes back into balance and I get way more JOY out of EVERYTHING!!

So slow down and REALLY think about what YOU are CREATING with every action, or lack of action, each and every day. The only time to act is now. The only time you can affect any outcome is RIGHT NOW.


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