Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Cleansing

everything about cleansing

April 27th, 5:30 – 7 pm

Windsor Middle School Library, 9500 Brooks Rd. S. Windsor, CA. 95492

Are you ready to cast off the dregs of winter and catapult yourself back to vibrant, glowing health?

Have you ever thought about doing a cleanse? Are you “cleanse curious?” If so, please join me for this free workshop on the subject of cleansing, which is the single best way to “get your health back” quickly. Common benefits of cleansing are: blood pressure drops, blood sugar comes into normal range quickly, weight falls of easily, cholesterol and triglycerides come way down, brain fog dissipates, skin clears up, and you look and feel younger and more energetic. (And that’s the short list.)

Come learn all about the pros, cons, upsides and pitfalls. It will be fun and informative (as always).

To be clear, WE ARE NOT SELLING ANY PRODUCTS! The purpose of this event is to simply to educate and inform.

Not all cleanses are equal. A good cleanse can transform your health quickly and easily. Weight comes off and energy explodes in a way that no amount of incremental dietary changes can touch–and with long lasting benefit.

A bad cleanse, or a badly done cleanse, is at best a waste of time, and at worst, can do real harm. (I want you to avoid this.)

There are many ways to cleanse: long and slow, fast and furious, with product, without product. There are many reasons to cleanse, and many types of cleanses (liver, colon, parasite, heavy metals, etc). Anyone who decides to do a cleanse should do one that is appropriate for them, one that can realistically give the results the they seek, and one that will fit their life. (There is a big difference between “clean eating”—and a cleanse!)

The benefits of cleansing are:
• Boosts weight loss
• Lowers fat thermostat
• Dramatically increases energy
• Look and feel noticeably younger
• Sharper mind and clearer thinking
• Improved health and immune function
• Better breath & clear skin
• And the list goes on…

I’ve had 30+ years of experience with cleansing. My first cleanse was, to this day, the single most transformative health experience I’ve ever had. I still do one every year as part of good health maintenance. I look forward to being able to share my powerful story, expertise, and experience with you.