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Daily Journal

Daily Journal To Health; Mastering healthy habits in 6 easy weeks

This is far more than an ordinary daily journal: It’s a self guided workshop for creating healthy habits. It’s like having a personal health coach with you every day for 6 weeks. To keep yourself on-point and on-track for what you really want to achieve, focus, is essential!

Everything you need is within you now. You know more than you think you do. You have more answers to your own problems than you know. YOU are the expert on YOU.

This journal will guide you through the process of using yourself as a great resource in discovering and developing the habits and activities that will bring you your optimal health and ideal life. The more you delve into the experience, the more you will get out of it.

The 136 page spiral bound Daily Journal to Health contains thought provoking exercises, daily pages, self-assessments, and periodic check-ins. Use the journal well, go step by step, and in 5 minutes, 2x/day, it will shape your habits, quickly and easily, to support the health—and the life—you desire.

Use the new audio feature: When ever you see the audio symbol in the Daily Journal to Health, follow it to the audio file links on this page.

What people are saying:

“Good morning, Linda!

I just want to say THANK YOU and I am LOVING the journal! What a fantastic tool. I have to tell you, I came home yesterday and had about 3 hours all by myself, which hardly ever happens. It was a beautiful day and I sat outside and worked on the first exercise. I was able to really think about it and take my time with it.  You designed this in a way that people really think deeply, from different angles, so everything sinks in. I’m happy to say I did the 3 action steps (actually I wrote 4) and did them all yesterday and it felt really good. This is JUST the little motivation and “checking in” that I needed to jumpstart myself in a good direction again. I may buy one for a friend as well. And you can bet I’ll be telling others about it. So I just wanted to say THANK YOU LINDA!!!

I look forward to continuing this journey. See you soon!”

Laurie Hiatt, Community Health Liaison – Santa Rosa, Ca.


“I love this journal as part of a journey towards health. So often, I forget to celebrate my successes and plan out my next steps. This gentle daily reminder is like a friend, who kindly brings me back to the point, every day. It’s a supportive and useful tool for changing habits and achieving goals. Thank you!”

Stella Park, Doctor of Naturopathy, Oakland, CA

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