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The Lie Of “Eat Less, Move more” For Weight Loss

We’ve all heard it, thought it, said it, and even believed it. At some level it is the undeniable truth, because after all, energy cannot be created or destroyed, so therefore we are what we consume, less what we burn. BUT, we are not bomb calorimeters (devices used for precisely determining the amount of energy […]

Sweet Potato “Cookies” With Cranberries And Walnut Chips

Do you need a sweet chewy holiday treat that fits in with your healthy lifestyle? If so, then try this naturally sweet and ultra nutritious option. It can be part of dinner, a not so sinful snack, or desert. It is satisfying and a good outlet for the fun of baking with out any fuss […]

Top 10 Ways To Escape Depression

This morning (Thanksgiving day) I was woken up by a text from a client reaching out to me because she was feeling depressed. It was 7am my time–10am hers. “Linda, I’m feeling depressed. On this Thanksgiving day. I wish I felt happy and up beat. When I feel like this I don’t tend to do […]

Sauteed Kale

Give me a “K”! Give me an “A” Give me an “L” Give me an “E” What’s that spell??? KALE!!! Kale smoothies, kale soup, kale chips…kale is everywhere these days. It’s the latest icon of super healthy, nutrient dense food–but that’s only because it is one. If you don’t like it, it’s likely you haven’t […]