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3 Pillars of Health

The 3 Pillars Of Health

Not getting the results you want with your health, energy, and weight? End your frustration with the 3 Pillars Of Health.

These are the 3 major areas of focus that effect significant and lasting change in health and wellbeing.

Body BiologyYour physical biology and all of the things that make you (physiologically) uniquely you. Things like genetics, hormones, thyroid and adrenal function, body type, gut health, metabolic type, food allergies/intolerances, toxicity, deficiencies, and blood-sugar control.

Healthy Habits  – These are the things you do to support your biology. Including specific food choices, meal planning, exercise, self care, community and support.

Navigate eating out, special occasions, dealing with temptation, avoiding pitfalls, and time management. Stick to your plan even when you come up against your “STUFF’, which is all of the things that derail your best intentions and keep you repeating old patterns.

Inner Evolution – This means working through your “stuff” so that you are aligned with the actions you’ve laid out for yourself, so they feel easy and enjoyable, not forced. It means connecting with your BIG WHY of why you even want to do any of this, changing old emotional patterns and triggers, healing old wounds, reconnecting with passion and joy, and redefining your Self. Inner Evolution is what makes the 3 Pillars approach different that a diet, different than a boot camp, or a trip to the doctor. It’s what makes it a completely integrated part of a new way of life.

Vibrant health is the result of three strong, functioning pillars. When one or more pillars are weak, getting a good result is extremely difficult, if possible at all, and is often short lived.

Here are some real life more

Mary (49) had been struggling for years to lose weight. She made sensible changes to her diet; she took all of the refined and processed foods out, ate plenty of vegetables and clean meats, only whole grains, reduced portion size, and drank only water for a beverage. She exercised regularly although she never felt particularly good or energetic, and she averaged a weight loss of about 1lb/month. It wasn’t until she understood her biology and ate appropriately for her metabolic type and eliminated some specific foods she was intolerant to, that things began to shift. After that her weight loss averaged about 10lbs/month “without her feeling like she was on a diet.”

Shari (34), felt tired and run down. She was stressed about work, money, and being single. She often found herself taking refuge curled up in front of the TV with food and treats. She struggled to get herself to the gym and constantly promised herself that tomorrow was the day she would start her new diet. She felt depressed and berated herself for not keeping her promises to herself. In her case all of the pillars were week and out of balance. It took a multi-pronged approach that included working through some underlying emotional issues, while supporting mood and energy with nutrition that allowed new good habits to evolve.

Joe (59) had always been healthy, or so he thought, until he had a heart attack. His intentions about making changes to his diet and exercise were good, and he didn’t feel resistant, but by the end of the day he was back in his old routines. For him the missing area of focus was healthy habits. Taking the time to do thoughtful meal planning, scheduling shopping and preparation, and making appointments with friends for workouts so he couldn’t back out made a huge difference for him.

Transform your health using the 3 Pillar approach. Join me for these life-changing workshops:

favicon Body Biology: Cracking The Code Of Your Unique Formula For Health

Do you work hard to do “everything right” yet don’t feel as good as you think you should?

Or, wonder why your body doesn’t respond the way you want it to from all your hard work?

Or why it’s so hard to get yourself to do the “right” stuff?

The key may well be your biology–not your willpower.

Lean more and get started today!






favicon Healthy Habits | Inner Evolution: The Practice Of Health

Do you struggle with the DOING part of what it takes to be healthy?

You know WHAT to do, but don’t follow through?

The key to healthy habits is the integration of what you know with who you are at the deepest level

Read more about Healthy Habits | Inner Evolution...

End the struggle! Collaborate with your body’s wisdom — understand what motivates you and what derails you.

In this monthly workshop series you’ll discover:

  • Easy, practical food and planning strategies that work for you
  • Root causes of cravings and how to dissolve them
  • How to get yourself on “the good road” — and how to get yourself back on track quickly and easily when necessary
  • How to handle your inner saboteur
  • How to get pulled towards your goals so you don’t have to push
  • Uncover and resolve deeply rooted trauma that drive emotional eating patterns
  • How to reprogram yourself to for the health—and the life you want

Why this program is so special:

The beauty of this program is that it is ongoing environment of personal growth and healing. It’s a structured framework for staying present to your goals and intentions while proactively dealing with challenges as they come up. The community you’re building within the group is one that you will be able to enjoy for a long time to come; to feel safe, be nurtured, be real, to become the truest, best version of yourself.

This program includes:

  • 6 in-person workshop (1 per month for 6 months)
  • Access to the weekly open coaching gym (Call in during the designated hours for extra 1-1 support)
  • Emergency spot coaching as needed
  • Unlimited email support
  • Private Facebook group  – to stay connected to a dynamic center of support and intention

You’ll gain

  • Solutions to keep you motivated and on track
  • Concrete skills and strategies to manage food
  • Deep healing and self discovery
  • Understand what undermines your best intentions
  • Real tools for change
  • Love and support in a community of friends
  • A life in balance aligned with true health

Weekly in person workshops are in the Windsor/Santa Rosa area. Times and dates TBD

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