Welcome to the 2017

Healthy Weight Loss Challenge!

Begins January 14th!

You are invited to participate in the FREE annual event

  Join in with your friends, family, and community…


Get fit | Have fun | Win prizes

Build a foundation for a lifetime of health and vitality!

Pursue your own weight, fitness, and health goals in a stimulating, supportive environment. This healthy weight loss challenge is not just about pounds… Learn how to build a foundation for a lifetime of health, vitality, and success.

This 8-week challenge includes:

  • Having fun
  • Making sustainable healthy changes
  • Learning about food, fitness, and health
  • Participating with a vibrant community of health-minded friends

You could lose 8 – 16lbs – or more, but you do not have to have a weight loss goal to participate. This challenge is about health–which is not measured in pounds!

You’ll get:

  • A printed booklet with your weekly scorecards and planning & goal setting worksheets
  • Reminder emails to keep you focused and on track during the challenge
  • Live in-person workshops & support
  • Valuable coupons to save at local health clubs and health promoting businesses

The Healthy Weight Loss Challenge begins Saturday January 14th with a morning kickoff. It ends Saturday March 11th with a celebration event. Weekly check-in/educational meetings will be on Thursdays from 5:30-7. Location: Windsor Middle School.

Weekly Thursday night meeting topics include:

  • Food to support weight loss – what to eat and what to avoid 
  • How to supercharge your metabolism to make you a fat burning machine
  • The 7 key reasons you might not be losing weight even though you’re doing everything right
  • How to lower your “fat thermostat” so you don’t regain what you lose
  • Cleansing and detoxification – why, how (and how not to), and when
  • Understanding and eliminating cravings
  • The 3 Pillars of health needed for a vibrant life
  • 6 stages of making lasting change

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