Verjus (green juice). Gourmet all the way

For those of you who know me, this is not the kind of green juice that probably pops to mind; full of wheat grass and algae. This unusual culinary delight is the juice of green grapes. Its acidity makes it an ideal and rather interesting alternative to lemon juice or vinegar. For those who avoid vinegar for health reasons, this would be a spectacular addition to the flavor repertoire, and an interesting spin on lemon to flavor dishes. Find out more at

I Just came across this unusual product tonight by happy accident. I was running some errands with my son and he had to use the restroom. I took him to the nearest spot I knew (Shelton’s in Healdsburg, which is also one of my favorite natural food stores). There, was a woman demoing what I thought was olive oil. Since I was waiting, not shopping, I started talking to her about her products, which were not olive oils, but VERJUS. I have never heard of it until tonight, but it tasted familiar. I may have had some in fancy French restaurants and not known, but I will recognize it now. My first thought was that I wished I had had some the night before. I made a tomatillo salsa that was very good, but a bit too sweet. This would have been perfect to cut the sweetness. There was also another unusual grape product I had never heard of, but the flavor was also familiar. It was a sweet syrup made from wine grapes called SABA. “Sugar sweetens, but saba flavors”. It is true. I can hardly wait to try cooking with them!!